Clay Street Kids

Growing Tree Liberia has been helping disadvantaged children in the downtown Monrovia area attend school for the past 3 years. In the school year 2018-2019, we paid the school fees for 33 children who would otherwise not be able to receive an education. For many families in Liberia, the costs of sending a child to school is well beyond their reach. Only 44% of children in Liberia attend school regularly, leaving many children to fend for themselves during the day while their caregivers are working.

Clay Street, Downtown Monrovia

Growing Tree Liberia strives to make education a reality for a small group of children in Monrovia who are in great need. The 33 children we support are motivated and eager to learn, while the families take great comfort in knowing that their children are safe in school during the day and are receiving an education. These children dream of becoming doctors, teachers and engineers. Growing Tree Liberia is determined to help them achieve these dreams.

Edwina Jacobs

Edwina is in 5th grade and her favorite subject is mathematics. She lives with her grandmother and hopes to one day be a banker. 

Melvin Moore

Melvin lives with his uncle and also loves math.  He is currently in the 2nd grade and wants to be a doctor when he is finished with school. 

Celestine Harris

Little Celestine is in kindergarten and lives with her father, Charles. She would like to be a teacher some day. 

Please help make these children's dreams come true. For only $200, Growing Tree Liberia can pay one child’s school fees for an entire year.