Sass Town Child Care Center

Together with our partner in Monrovia, Growing Tree Liberia is currently in the process of establishing a childcare center 40 minutes north of Monrovia in Sass Town.  The center will provide a much-needed refuge for 50 children. Considering that there are 12,000 estimated children living on the streets of the city, the child care center can’t be established soon enough! In the long-term, Growing Tree Liberia intends to set up a foster care system linked to the center to allow these children to find loving homes with families where they can learn and grow. 

Site of the child care center

Sass Town Community

The people of Sass Town have been incredibly supportive of the future child care center and are enthusiatsic about having such a project in their community. Growing Tree will  involve the community to every extent possible as we go forward and consider this a join project with the people of Sass Town. 

Land Ownership

Our partner in Liberia, Growing Tree Child Care Program, is officially the owner of the 4-acre property north of Monrovia.  With the help of the community in Sass Town, the land has been cleared in preparation for the building phase. We are currently raising funds for the concrete security wall that is needed around the perimeter of the land.

Our Progress....

We are making continuous progress on the child care center.  You can follow our progress here! And please consider making a donation to GTL that can be used for this construction of the center.